Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
Vibrational Fatigue and Structural Dynamics for Harmonic and Random Loads
 M. Česnik and J. Slavič
Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 60, Issue 5, 2014, Pages 339-348

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The presented study experimentally and theoretically researches vibrational fatigue of an aluminum-alloy specimen for harmonic and random loads. The main aim of this study is to determine the influence of modal parameter changes that occur during the experimental fatigue test, on the correctness of the numerical fatigue life prediction. Firstly, the material’s fatigue parameters were obtained with harmonic base excitation of the specimen near its natural frequency. During the harmonic fatigue testing the changes in the specimen’s natural frequency and damping loss factor were monitored as the fatigue damage was accumulated at the fatigue zone. Secondly, with a validated numerical model of the specimen the stress transmissibility was obtained for the case of the random-vibration base excitation. Finally, by respecting the stress response along with the experimentally obtained material fatigue parameters the vibration fatigue life was estimated for the case of the random vibration load. The numerically predicted fatigue life was compared to the experimental results, obtained with the electro-dynamic shaker. From this comparison the influence of the damping-loss-factor changes on the calculated fatigue life was clearly shown. For the case of the observed specimen, the damping loss factor included in the fatigue life estimation should be increased by more than 100 percent to give reliable prediction of the fatigue life. The presented research shows new possibilities and critical aspects in the area of accurate high- cycle vibration fatigue life-estimation of dynamic structures.

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