Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
On the performance of direct piezoelectric rotational accelerometers in experimental structural dynamics
 A. Drozg, J. Rogelj, G. Čepon and M. Boltežar
Measurement, Volume 127, October 2018, Pages 292–298

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Rotational responses are comparing to the translational responses less frequently used in the experimental structural dynamics. Even though they represent half of all the existing degrees of freedom they are often omitted, since they are difficult to measure. Nevertheless, they have an important contribution in structural dynamic modifications, model validation, substructuring, etc. Therefore in this paper a performance evaluation of two direct piezoelectric rotational accelerometers is made in order to show the possibilities of their usage in the structural dynamic applications. Additionally, the results are compared to a commonly used method of approximated rotational responses obtained from two offset translational accelerometers. Sensors were tested with impact and sine-sweep excitations. Data is analyzed in the form of frequency response functions and compared to a numerical reference with a coherence criterion. The quality of directly obtained rotations are expected to have great potential in structural dynamics.

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