Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
Thermal conditions and crack propagation on 3D printed structure during vibration fatigue

The mechanical properties of 3D printed polymer structures directly depend on the printing parameters. These differences are particularly pronounced when considering the fatigue life of the 3D printed component under vibration load. As part of the thesis the task is to set up a measurement system on the pre-defined geometry of the test piece, where the deformation field, heat generation and the formation and propagation of the crack are monitored during the vibration test. The natural frequency and damping of the samples should also be monitored at the same time. The set methodology should be used on the test pieces, which are manufactured with different process parameters. The obtained data should be compared with each other between the samples and the possibility of predicting the the fatigue life by measuring the deformation and temperature fields should be evaluated.

Contact: Martin Česnik