Laboratory for Dynamics of Machines and Structures 
Characterization of the vibrations and structural noise of a suction unit's cover
 J. Žumer, A. Biček and M. Boltežar
Strojniški vestnik = Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2008, Volume 54, Issue 12, 2008, Pages 883-891

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In this paper we report on a study of the vibrations of a suction unit's cover and the relation with the generated structural noise. The existing cover of the suction unit was designed, taking into account only the geometrical requirements. Two different methods were used for characterization of the vibration and structural noise of the cover: numerical modal analysis made with the FEM (Finite Element Method) and experimental modal analysis made during the operation of the suction unit. The results of the experimental modal analysis of the cover’s vibrations visually confirmed the results of a numerical modal analysis up to the 1st BPF (Blade Passing Frequency) and characterized the main exciting sources with the prevailing aerodynamic excitation. The vibration modal analysis tries to find a relation with the cover’s structural noise using an experimental local noise modal analysis. A different method of measurement of local structural noise is introduced.


Jurij Žumer, PhD

  Efaflex inženiring d.o.o.

Andrej Biček,

  DOMEL d.d.


Miha Boltežar, PhD

  Ladisk, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
  +386 1 4771 608
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